If Lamar Smith is the arm of SOPA, Rupert Murdock has become it’s face. While most media companies support SOPA. Rupert Murdock began a torrent of rage induced rants yesterday that bordered on lunacy. A tirade following the obvious success of the blackout and protests online that did more to show his irrational and paranoid hostility twords the Internet as a whole then they did to make any valid arguments towards protecting the IP of either the man or the company who themselves were charged with shamelessly wire tapping celebrities, military personnel, and criminally invading the privacy of both British and American citizens just a few short weeks ago .

According to Forbes writer Jeff Bercovici and others. The tipping point for Rupert Murdock wasn’t the blackout but  more likely the consumer electronics show last week where Google demonstrated browser enabled TV’s that could display content from specific controlled websites like Roku, or freely from the web like a computer. Rupert Murdock made a good show about proclaiming how both legitimate and possibly not so legitimate movies could be viewed, but I’m not so sure that’s all of it. While, I have no doubt IP theft is a concern; the ease of distribution and what it meant for smaller artists wishing to escape the yolk of “Newscorp” like companies of the world is the real issue. What technology like the Google TV and other browser based devices represent to dinosaurs like him is quite frankly extinction.Something I imagine left him tweeting in fear.

When made for web TV shows like “The Guild” can become equally popular to a syndicated series like “How I Met Your Mother”, when “Dr. Horrible’s sing-A-Long-Blog” gets a place in history next to “the Rocky Horror Picture Show” or “Pulp Fiction”…the days where all movies and TV are vetted through the approval processes of a single person or group is short as soon as computers and devices are no longer distinguishable from eachother. No more people saying you have to be conservative to do news on Fox, you have to be Jewish to make it in comedy, or any other stereo type the industry has fostered; and you don’t need Rupert Murdock. You just do it.

I’m sure the protests contributed too. Not because they showed a public bent on piracy but because they showed that all the advertising power of the Newscorp machine couldn’t out inform or manipulate the public when linked by social media and supported by the Internet. It’s what the Internet has done to books, music, and other media and can do to Movies as well that they fear. In reality, blocking bills like SOPA that reinforce corporate control of media may actually help artists make it on their own and help established artists move into different industries, like when Wil Wheaton started writing books and posting them on Amazon.

According to the BBC, Richard Mollet, chairman of the Publishers Association stated, “If you walked around the streets of America or Britain with no creative content available to you, because rights holders had decided to shut up shop, you would be deprived of the BBC, cinemas, radio, bookstores and so on.”

Maybe once if some untalented hack who owned the means of distribution didn’t sell your artistic expression for you it meant being banned from producing it or being forced to stop making it entirely. But the Internet makes it easy for anyone to distribute content. Those that create do so because they enjoy it, they do it for a living because it’s what they love, and if Google, Amazon, and Twitter can also get their ideas out there then who needs the Murdock machine? …Nobody.

What I believe caused Rupert Murdock’s tirade was not concerns over copyright, but how the Internet has empowered us and is leaving his own company impotent and how portable devices and TV will now continue to do so…when the flow of data is such that everyone can be a novice producer, artist, inventor, or musician. Who needs them to sell us cliche movie plots that only advance their own hidden agendas? How can Rupert Murdock and others like him continue to tell us what to think?

They can’t…And when we all understand that no reasonable bill that preserves the Internet will ever appease the MPAA or any other group, then we can stop appeasing them at all. Ignore copyright all together and maybe all this non-sense about IP and copyright can finally go away; and with it the mind control these groups have had over the American population since the 1950’s.