Windows Phone isn’t selling well, and Microsoft has pretty much spun it as a “marketing problem”. Phone providers aren’t buying into it, consumers aren’t talking about it, business don’t want it on the enterprise. But when you get down to it, Microsoft is all about the marketing. That’s what they do. How can a company like Microsoft that has almost forgotten how to do anything but marketing, have a “marketing problem”? I would suggest this isn’t a marketing problem, it’s a Microsoft problem.

First and foremost, history shows consumers that Microsoft can’t make up it’s mind if it wants ad revenue, or sale revenue, and regularly change mode mid-stream once a product becomes popular. Microsoft tries to get both and the XBOX is the best example of this; usually one to get you hooked, then the other once you’re dependent. You can be the most crooked company in the world and people will use you if they know where they stand. With Microsoft consumers don’t. WinPhone could suddenly need media player the way Apple requires iTunes tomorrow and nobody would be suprised.

People need “trust” to buy into a cloud application. People trust Google because they know where they stand, and the Android system is community supported. Many even trust Facebook to spite selling personal data because they need it; and at least it’s free. Nobody “trusts” Microsoft, you use Microsoft because you HAVE to. This face alone would breed contempt, but add that Microsoft is already looking for ways to sell cloud data, setting up dependencies between the phone and the MS Live service, etc.

Finally, but most importantly. Those that were most loyal to Microsoft got burned bad by the KIN, even if it sucked MS should have supported it…instead they showed how they deal with project they don’t think can fly. Trust me, when you get a phone brand new that becomes obsolete 6 months into a two year contract, you wait to see what happens. Given Microsoft’s track record Win phone could just disappear if it doesn’t sell well.

It’s annoying that people are posting this story with “comments off”. So people can;t give feedback. Even that wreaks of MS marketing ploys to generate hype. Something MS is bad about doing instead of trying to fix the PR nightmare the company has become by screwing customers on half built barely stable OS like ME and Vista; Internet Explorer; and the constant stream of security fixes.