ImageI was driving down 14th street Tuesday when I saw a car parked suspiciously in the road blocking traffic with no cars in front of it. It wasn’t abandoned; the driver was in the car. So I slowed and drove past the vehicle looking at the driver as I went around. He looked OK; he was just staring blankly forward; like he was waiting. So I inched around him slowly and continued on my way while watching the car in my rear view mirror.

Something just seemed wrong and I was already nervous about the scene when the car suddenly came to life and his vehicle shot forward; in the telescopic distortion of the rear view mirror he was up on me like a bullet, but a breath later he was literally riding my bumper. It was like he was playing with me. If I pulled forward he’d shoot back behind me. I’d slow down, he’d shoot within inches of my bumper to the left or the right then speed back around. I’d start to act like I was turning; he’d come over as well then straighten out shifting between lanes as I went forward instead. My only guess was that he had gotten mad at me for passing him or something. It really freaked me out; but this continued for a half-mile until I reached within yards of the office and I felt like I could make it into the parking lot.

The construction office and the offices in this complex were a bunch of cement reinforced buildings built into a recess below the level of the road. To reach it you have to first pass over a rather large hill meaning that only the very tops of the buildings are visible as you come up on them and the parking lot itself is a good 15 feet below the crest of the hill. The driver behind me had started swerving left and right between lanes and accelerating; people were running out of the way…so I also sped up intending to hide, crested the hill before him, and quickly shot into the parking lot below looking upward and back to see what he would do.

I figured if he wasn’t that determined or if I was just being paranoid he’d go straight; if he was sick he’d go off to the edge of the road, but in case he came in behind me I’d  keep the engine idling ready to bolt to a location closer to the office door. The car did neither. Instead, I watched as it crested the hill above, turned off road, cut the corner entirely, and continued directly towards me down the embankment like something out of a horror movie. The engine revved faster as the car literally went plummeting down the grassy hill, the tires spun after each jump the pedal obviously floored, and all I could think is that, “This guy is crazy.”

He sailed over a four foot retaining wall, into the sidewalk below blowing both front tires, then accelerated across the asphalt directly towards me…I came to my senses, my foot hit the gas, and the wheels just spun on the pavement. I inched forward at what only seemed a snails pace, and as his wheels angled slightly, I was afraid he’d course correct, but after the fall his tires wouldn’t move…the truck slowly moved out of his path and his car sailed past the back bumper of the long bed truck by only inches.

As the man’s car hit the curb it sent sparks off the wheels and launched into the air skittering across the small grass patch on the other side. The car drifted in a state where it didn’t appear airborne yet lacked traction embedding itself into the window of the unoccupied office beside me.

The driver was silent for quite a while but started screaming like a madman after people ran out to help. He had no idea what was going on. The cops said he was diabetic, his glucose level was only 35, and when he hit that wall they speculated he was going over 50 miles per hour and accelerating. The man survived, but was taken away on a stretcher. By a small miracle, nobody was hurt.