So Terry Newell did an article for the Huff Post called “President Obama and Governor Romney: Stop Insulting Me!”regarding the blatant disrespect both candidates seem to have for the American people which I agree with as well. It’s infuriating!But that said…I’m not ready to vote independent. Because I also think as Americans we need to really consider what a Romney presidency vs. Obama Presidency means.

Sure, medicare is dead either way sooner or later, it’s unsustainable. But the Affordable Healthcare act was put there to support and eventually replace Medicare. If the Republicans first priority is to eliminate this safety net and then implement their own plan, that’s a problem…especially when doing so is pointless and any new bill will be identical with only minor changes.This is something that needs to happen and we don’t have time to wait for Republicans to spin this off as their idea.

Newell also mentions that Obama’s tax hikes won’t fix anything. He may be right. But while taxing those over $250,000 may not make a dent in the deficit; it won’t hurt those paying into it either. You’re not going to have wealthy Americans living in the street or eating SPAM at the new rate. When the Republicans were at each others throats in the primaries, they drew a lot of blood internally and between their constituents over who was greedier, more owned by the corporate machine, and least interested in conservative grass-roots values. What these hikes will do is ease the minds of a working class that feels it’s being used and abused to get votes. Doing it may just keep the masses from dragging 1% of this nation out into the street and cleaning house.

It also; to spite Republican claims; won’t make a huge difference in the job market overall doing it (sorry we’re not all working as maids and butlers). Regardless of the state of the union now. Governor Romney does wants us to “believe that drilling for more oil, cutting taxes on everyone, and cutting back regulations will solve the debt problem”. Nobody has told us these “to be named later” adjustments to tax subsidies and loopholes that almost assuredly will reward those contributing to him now. Let that happen with a nation in turmoil and you could literally have riots.

And that brings us to the real issue…corporatism and the casting away of the American people. This is one thing the candidates differ on. Romney loves Corporations, Obama tolerates them. But corporations are what’s really killing this country, with copyright, lobbyists, special interest, and reduced competition. “Citizens United” was a mistake and the judges that pushed that through were largely conservative, small companies can’t compete under threat of IP litigation, and they have to copy to compete. Innovation comes when clever people take existing developments and make them better.So we can’t progress as a nation as long as Apple is suing every manufacturer that puts electronics in a square form-factor.

More diversity makes more competing companies, more jobs, and things get cheaper to buy. Innovation can’t be the domain of only one or two players. Will the Obama administration stop corporatism, probably not. But under Romney\Ryan it will most assuredly accelerate.

when you get right down to it, there really is no other issue of ANY significance.